Home Values

At Fin@Work we take pride in our values. They represent our internal GPS, these values guide us whenever we have to make important decisions in our journey as an organization.

Our entire business model is built around the following fundamental tenets. As a client, you would experience them in every interaction, right from the start of the relationship, to the investments we recommend, to the successful achievement of your goals.

Objective and Unbiased

We don’t manufacture any investment products, nor are we affiliated to any single manufacturer. We help our clients choose the best available products in the market, in line with their personal investment needs – we never “push” any products to earn commissions. As an advisor, it is our fiduciary responsibility to avoid any conflict of interests with our client. We have voluntarily subjected ourselves to stringent SEBI Investment Advisory Regulations (one of early few in India), so that you can be sure that you will receive highest level of fiduciary care.

Relationship based approach

Every individual has different circumstances, different needs and aspirations. We believe that there is no “one size fits all” solution, clients are best advised not to look for the next “hot” investment – but sustainable ways to achieve their financial goals in the long-term. We help our clients frame up and articulate those goals, design a customized plan and work very closely until they are achieved. Our clients cherish advice from someone whom they value and trust – two things fundamental to any relationship and we take it very seriously.

Investment Philosophy

There will always be investment fads, products which are the flavor of the season, risky and often unsustainable as instruments. We invest only in quality investments (time-tested and proven), diversify (across people, processes, philosophies) and hold with a long-term view – we believe this to be the key to achieve investment goals. While “buy and sell frequently” gives an impression of hardwork, we believe one ends up paying lot of taxes/exit loads which is not beneficial for the client’s investment health. At the same time, it is all too easy (lazy) to “buy and forget”, we think this approach exposes our clients portfolio to undue risk and misses out on potential opportunities. We believe it is the right asset allocation and regular rebalancing which is the key to investment success.