Wealth Advisory by Fin@work to us,
Wealth is more than
just building a Portfolio.
it's the trust earned,
a relation built,
a goal achieved.
Beyond just advice;
Fin@Work manages the entire financial lifespan:
present & future needs & imperatives.
Objective and
Unbiased Advice from
SEBI Registered Adviser
Expertise. Rigour. Structured Approach.
Founded by IIT & IIM alumnus.
Truly Diversfied &
Structured Solutions
to Investing

Goal-led, Client Centric

A full service boutique wealth management firm

- Founded by IIT IIM alumnus
- SEBI Registered Investment Advisor


the gaps we fulfill
the pain-points we resolve

Intelligent risks that make money

without losing sight too.

'Strategy-first & Purpose-led' Expertise

that delivers returns for pre-planned goals

Know where to invest & what's happening

with your investment, always.

Get Customised Offerings.

No pushing of standardised products.

No Multiple RM hassles. Personalized

interactions directly with the experts.

Meaningful Client Relationships with mutual

trust, respect and accountability

Good investing decisions are difficult to take:

due to emotion & bias. We help, objectively.

Analytical vigour, strong governance,

and deep insights

Resolving unsystematic investing

with a disciplined, long-term approach.

Holistic Approach for multiple goals:

Integration of products and syncing them with the goals.

Know Our Founder

  • An alumnus of IIT and IIM
  • More than 22 yrs of corporate and entrepreneurial experience
  • Worked in 3 different geographies; Europe US and India
  • Associated with several large financial institutions including Credit Suisse Citigroup Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
  • Identified the lack of high-quality conflict-free advice and laid the foundation of Fin@Work in 2011
Money is not the destination but a vehicle to take us to our future vision of life
Saurabh Bansal (1)-modified

Our Services

Are your finances aligned to your life goals? Is money helping you to get closer to your future vision of life?

Are your investments giving returns commensurate to risk you are taking? Are you building wealth over long term?

Want your wealth to get transferred to your intended beneficiaries? Your wish or ugly fights?

Want to participate in India growth story? We have been in your shoes.

Paying too much taxes? There is always scope for optimization.

Want an ongoing pension but afraid of inflation? Your golden years are ahead of you.

Not just equity.
A Diversified Portfolio
across multiple investing options.

Indian economy has produced many marquee companies in last 2 decades. Participate in future leaders.

Invest in direct plans of MFs and get the investment expertise of your advisor.

As active funds start lose their competitive advantage, ETFs offer a smarter route.

Invest in the companies across the world you admire while being in India.

One of the most underappreciated investment asset class. Discover the power of this critical component of an investment portfolio.

One of the oldest and universal asset class. There are several innovations around Gold which you could participate.

a glorious track record of
insight with integrity

Years of experience
Families served
Goals in Progress
Cr Assets Under Advice

Good strategy drives
drives great results.

According to Rajan, Bansal has brought in the crucial element of discipline into their financial life.

Our clients swear by
our meticulous process…


Where am I today?


Where do I want to be


What it will take to get there


Implementing the plan


Reviewing the plan regularly

we’ve been
seen, heard, acknowledged…

we have a lot more
to say

Save taxes while building the nation
Paisa Vaisa Ep. 256: Asset Allocation Special - Fixed Income and Gold

multiple investors have
chosen & trusted Fin@Work.
hear them explain why:

Ready to achieve your financial goals?

Let's partner up and achieve that.

Set up a
free 30-minute
discovery meeting
with our experts.


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    Investments in securities market are subject to market risks. Read all the related documents carefully before investing. Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL, and certification from NISM in no way guarantee the performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors.