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India is undergoing a significant transformation; on one hand tremendous wealth is getting created while on the other, everybody is feeling the heat of inflation. No matter how much salary raise one gets or goes high up in ladder, one still gets adversely affected by increase in prices.

People switch jobs hoping the problems will go away. They won’t.

These problems are just a symptom of something deeper –.

We don’t understand the concept of money and how to make it work as hard as we do.

We believe, as a responsible financial planning firm, it is our duty to engage in a dialogue with the larger audience and raise the right questions in the minds of people. We have been organizing investor awareness seminars across several companies in Bangalore and received a lot of appreciation from all the stakeholders.

The content is designed keeping the profile of audience in mind – young joinees to women employees to onsite transitioning employees. These seminars could be clubbed with internal initiatives of the organization and be offered on a regular basis.

If you represent a forward looking organization, who wishes to engage and educate your employees on important issues, we will be happy to custom design one for you. Please drop us a line at

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