Fin@Work GPS

What is Fin@Work GPS?

Pretty much like your car GPS helping you on the road - it constantly guides you on where you are, in relation to where you want to be. Finatwork GPS considers all your financial goals like retirement, child education, buying a house etc, and creates a well-defined path for you.  It takes a comprehensive view of your needs including budgeting and saving, investments, taxes, insurance etc, and puts you in driver's seat.


Why do I need it?

Imagine yourself driving down for an interview at a city, you have never visited earlier. You ask people for directions and each person guides you differently. Chances are that you might miss a turn and need special efforts to get back on track. Apart from frustration, you would waste precious time. You might even miss your interview.

The financial world is like a big jungle, with a maze of hundreds of investment avenues available for you to take up. You will also find people to provide directions, but they may not lead you to where you wanted to go. Would it not be easier to have your own Financial GPS, guiding you every moment, and ensuring that you reach your destination without hassles?


How does it help?

Financial Planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial commitment affects other areas of your finances. It helps you prioritize your goals and aligns your resources towards achievement of those goals. It adds perspective to your investment decisions and gives a sense of achievement as you cross various milestones. 


What is the process?

It is an elaborate exercise and requires your Finatwork advisor to work very closely with you. Your Finatwork advisor helps you define your financial objectives, assesses your financial position and creates a customized plan for you.

As the context and circumstances of your life change (promotion, child birth etc), you need to review the plan with your Finatwork advisor and make necessary changes, to ensure that your investments are on track, and leading to the goal.

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