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Who we are
Founded by an IIT & IIM alumnus, Fin@Work helps individuals achieve their financial goals and build long term wealth in a structured and scientific way.

Private wealth management is limited to very high net worth individuals, we cater to middle-income group providing high quality advisory service.

We are a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor, want to know what else makes us different ..
Our Approach
Your needs

Gone are the days when the Govt used to take care of your retirement (pension - defined benefits plan), onus has now shifted to individuals to build their retirement nest.

Are you prepared for it?

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If you want to give your children the best of education, you know well how expensive that has become. The earlier you start planning for it, the easier it will be for you to build the corpus required.

Have you started saving yet?

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What we offer
Fin@work GPS
Pretty much like your car GPS helping you on the road - it constantly guides you on where you are in relation to where you want to be. Fin@Work GPS considers all your financial goals like retirement, child education etc, and creates a well defined path for you.
Active Manage
Active Mgmt not only helps in enhancing returns for the risk you take but also brings more predictability in your overall returns. Asset Allocation is one of the most important decision for your investments.
Mutual Funds
One of the most suitable investment vehicle for retail investors, it brings the professional expertise and scale that only large investors could afford in the past.

Why sticking to asset allocation is difficult?

A seemingly simple concept, Asset Allocation is far difficult to practice. It is one of the critical aspects of managing the portfolio yet the first to go out the window as human emotions (greed and fear) take control.

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3 Es - Election, Emotion and Equity

The Election month is a busy month - there is a palpable excitement especially period before the results are out - accompanied by an urge to do something and be proven right.

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Our founder featured in Financial Times on "Changing landscape of Financial Advisory"



With so many different financial products available in the market, I've never been sure of which ones are the most appropriate. Fin@work has brought the focus on my financial planning needs than individual products.
Piyush Kabra - Cognizant (CTS)



One Idiot - Movie

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Do you feel that your work does not allow you to explore your full potential? Do you want to take control of your career and compensation?



We would always choose long-term wealth creation over short-term gratification. Do you share the same vision as us?


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